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Why buy from Breezecatcher
Quality clothesline

A quality clothesline from Breezecatcher

Breezecatcher are a small family company based in Dublin Ireland, before we started manufacturing umbrella clotheslines we were in the business of installing clotheslines. It began in 1988 when we moved into our home in the suburbs of south Dublin. Back in the days when every penny counted and with so many expenses to cover the last thing we were going to do was ramp up the electricity bill by using the electric clothes dryer. The sun is shinning and there is a big empty back garden outside so one of the first jobs on the list was to erect a good clothesline. I was a steel fabricator for a short time after leaving school, until I switched to electronics engineering, so the outdoor washing line job would be an easy one to tackle. Hitch the trailer on the car and off down to the local steel supplier, all I needed was a twenty foot length of the galvanized pipe, a good option is the two inch round pipe which is used extensively in the agricultural sector, its cheap and perfect for the job. Now cut the twenty foot length of pipe in half, collect few off cuts of quarter inch round bar and load it all up in the trailer. On the way home pick up four bags of gravel and a bag of cement, a pulley and some nylon clothesline rope. Six hours later, the holes have been dug, the cement is mixed and pulley hooks and cleats have been fabricated onto the galvanized pole. Another hour and the poles are firmly planted and the clothesline looks the business, job done and delighted to have the task completed when I hear a voice from over the wall, our neighbor has seen our new outdoor clothesline and is enquiring about the possibility of doing one for her.

Strange thing was, very few hardware stores actually stocked fabricated clothesline poles so as it turned out the favor for the neighbor next door developed into a bit of a sideline business, advertised in the local free sheets and by word of mouth it grew and became Breezecatcher. At first we bought the best rotary clotheslines we could find, but there were very few good options available, I know now why these manufactures use just the minimum amount of material required to manufacture a product. Lets say you make a mouse trap and you make fifty thousand a week, now if you had the option to use a standard mild steel spring that cost one cent or a stainless steel spring that cost two cents, which one would you use, the mild steel is going to save you five hundred dollars a week, and the mouse is still toast. All manufactures producing large quantities apply this principle to their material specifications, just enough to do the job and no more. Now you take one home from the store, open it up and yes it will do the job, but the big question is for how long, as we found out to our cost when we used other suppliers that sometimes this life span was very short.

The big decision was made, Breezecatcher are going to make a rotary clothesline, one we could be proud to present to our customers. Any small company still surviving in today's climate will tell you how much they appreciate customer loyalty, surviving the cut means being at the top of your game, so our principle when it comes to material specifications is to use the best available and to use the maximum amount. Did I say customer loyalty, silly me, the majority of our customers don't come back and we must be the only company out there that are happy about that. Their friends and family get to hear how pleased they are with their Breezecatcher and the word spreads and spreads and is bogged about and is facebooked liked and tweeted. I know I'm groveling here, Facebook and blogs and other social networks are extremely important to companies like Breezecatcher, small producers striving to compete against the larger big money producers. We spend so much on the materials we have nothing left for marketing or advertising, so if you appreciate our principles and would like to help the effort please please please blog about us or use Facebook like button on the product pages.

Getting back to the important stuff, the difference between our materials and others, a picture paints a thousand words so below I've a photo of one of the two brackets we use on our parallel dryer, this bracket is an extruded aluminum, that means its made from one solid piece of aluminum and squeezed through a die to produce the shape. It's solid, it's a quarter inch thick and its strong. We have seen mass produced complete clotheslines that cost less than this bracket cost us. The bracket is seven inches long and about four inches across.

solid aluminum brackets

Here is a plastic bracket from another supplier, it measures four inches by three inches and the plastic wall is half the width at one eight of an inch.

weak plastic bracket

Plastic is a great material, you wouldn't make a DVD case out of extruded aluminum, or a TV remote control and many thousand's of other products would not exist if not for plastic. Would you climb up a plastic ladder, drive a car with plastic wheels, fly in a plastic plane, I don't think so. OK that's the big difference, all our material are stronger, heaver, more durable, stainless steel not mild steel, twice the width of every other supplier. Have I sold you yet, NO, Ok we throw in free delivery and a ten year warranty, now you can't say no. After you've hung your first wash on your new Breezecatcher clothesline, please go like us on Facebook or tweet about us it will make our day, Thanks.