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Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers

Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers are a specialist producer of high quality rotary clothesline Established in Dublin Ireland since 1992 and now also distributing from bases in Bloomington CA, Lancaster PA USA, Vancouver BC Canada, Sydney Australia and Dublin Ireland

Each dryer is hand crafted to a very high standard using classical materials, absolutely no cheap materials, the preference is for long lasting durable and aesthetically pleasing material. To guarantee our customers trust in our quality each dryer is individually assembled by a skilled crafts person and goes through a rigorous quality test before shipping.

The age of the Internet has brought new opportunity to company's like Breezecatcher and opportunity for the consumer too, now no longer confined to local markets we can offer the benefit of direct sales to anybody with Internet access.

Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers was founded by Tom Delaney, an engineer with electronic and mechanical experience in various industries principally the petroleum industry.Tom believes that there is still a place in this world for things of quality, there will always be companies that can make something a little worse and a sell little cheaper but Breezecatcher's success proves that the educated discerning customer of today, especially now with the wide choices available through the Internet will choose quality every time over trashy inferior products.

Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers for quality that won't fade away.

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Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers
5 Beverly crescent
Beverly court
Dublin 16
Phone No (00353) 1 4423777